A slang term for "fire". It is pronounced as "fai ah".
Look at that chick in the thong!! She's on fiya!!
by refuze May 28, 2005
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spectactular, all good, one of the best.
man, that potato salad your mom made was fiya.
by izM February 13, 2005
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herb cannibus hydro, quality smoking product
He was smoking that fiya when he got busted
by liquid October 3, 2004
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A slang term used as "cool" or "fire" what ever you think it fits with.
"Hey Perry did you get laid last night in the back seat of your friends car with your girl on top?"
"Yeah it was fiyaa"
by Helfrich July 21, 2008
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man its all fiya that u gotta crash here tonight.
by Jenika July 22, 2003
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Term meaning extraordinary or good in quality; beyond exceptional.
That new Jim Jones album was fiya fiya!!!
by Cristobal Martin April 19, 2005
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Only the absolute baddest bitches are called Fiya. They spread good vibes wherever they go and won’t hesitate to lend you a dollar when you need it. If you’re ever graced to have a Fiya in your life, never let her go. She’ll make your life fun and exciting.
Did you see how Fiya is the fire in my heart?
by Joaqamole November 21, 2020
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