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Patrick: You have it set to M for mini when it should be set to W for Wambo.
Spongebob: Wambo? I don't think that's a real word, Patrick...
Patrick: Of course it is, you know...I wambo, you wambo, he, she, me, wambo. Wambology, the study of wama. It's first grade, spongebob!

The two were discussing a setting on Mermaidman's belt which Spongebob had taken when Mermaidman left it behind.
by Someone__ September 04, 2005
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Big; Gigantic; Awesome

Patrick Star's made up word
(Pat's from Spongebob Squarepants)
Pat: Did you switch it to wambo?

Spongebob: Thats not a real word

Pat:You know spongebob... I wambo, you wambo, he,she, we wambo!
The study of wamboology? Come on spongebob, thats first grade stuff!
by shotgun_mario August 02, 2004
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A small often expensive device used to change and alter its users. Used originally by professionals the Wambo or "Bo" has caught the attention of the masses and its uses have been expanded to a myriad of applications. Harvested from the grizzly bear, the Wambo must be used quickly otherwise it will go bad. Only a select few know the pleasures of the Wambo, and how properly to administer it.
The customers were happy but after some time ol' sqids personality couldn't
handle the load and he died of a severe wombolism.

I Wambo, You Wambo, He/She Wamboes
by *Beto* May 11, 2009
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An annual car and boat show that takes place in Wallceburg, Ontario on the second weekend in august. Abbreviation standing for for Wallaceburg Antique Motor (and) Boat Outing.
by wallaceburgman August 07, 2009
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Wambo (pronounced Wumbo) dumb people usualy say it how its spelled but its not the right way.

1.first used in the spongebob sqaure pants show. Patrick and Spongebob are having a conversation about something and Patrick uses the word to describe something big.

2.Something that is super big.

3.introduced to the streets by Vanessa & Jorge from Bonita Springs FL.

also spelled wumbo
Vanessa: man i ate alot today.

Jorge: i know man you look fucking wambo.
by vanessa is wambo June 01, 2010
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Pattrick: Spongebob, you have it on "M" for minimize. What you need to do is set it to "W" for Wambo!
Spongebob: Thats not a word Pat..
Pattrick: Of course it is see: that party was Wambo last night, or that was a wambo wipeout!narly
Spongebob: O i see Pat..ok here it goes...
by Sarah March 07, 2004
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1. It is an ancient japanese martial art only for the bravest and stongest of the world.
2. A word that can substitute for almost every word in a sentence as long as it is slightly modified.
1. That young child is ready to begin phase one of Wambo training
2. I live in the Wambited states of Wamberica. My daddy served in the wamby and lost his right eye, but he flew a wambo in his yard till the day that he day he died
by DK June 21, 2004
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