One with the strength to hold you against a wall and fuck you.
Dayum. Have you seen Mark Wahlberg? He is a Waller.
by Medemming July 4, 2015
One who casually leans against a wall waiting for their next trick or pimp. This person is usually new to the game and only gives it out to Caucasians. Added they give massive amounts of hand and blowjobs for a meager ten dollars a job.
She's been leaning against that aparment building for an hour she must be a Waller.
by Someguyyouhate June 14, 2011
a Waller is an atractive young actress and the 'new wave' of drama teacher.
'that girl is such a Waller'

'I'm a Waller'
by Kellie121 October 16, 2006
One who eats pussy/vagina/cunt/hoohah/hatchet wound/no-no fun spot/clit all of the time.
After wallering 4,000 women, he was left with a salty ring around his mouth.
by Chunkpolickin January 28, 2008
The act of drinking such large amounts of alcohol to be extremely drunk / hammered.
*person on the floor surrounded with vomit induced by alcohol*

"she is absolutely fucking wallered mate"
by wall3red April 11, 2017
A pathological liars, or "mythomaniac". A person deluded, believing in a world which they created, where anything no matter how idiotic or absurd, is possible.

Alternatively, a person so utterly inept, moronic and borderline retarded they unable to perform the most basic of tasks.
"I ran 8 miles in 6 minutes today!"
"Dude, don't be such a Waller!"

"I used to be famous in America, I was in a band you might of heard of: Metallica!"
"Wow, you're an immense Waller."

"Count to 10? 1, 2, 6, 8, 10. Those other numbers don't matter."
"You Waller, get out of my sight, your Waller-ness disgusts me."
by Pinnochio Von Waller August 29, 2007
When you're having a conversation with a guy and he goes for the pussy
by You've just been wallered December 19, 2016