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The performative act of cutting off both of one's own ears. It is often used as an exaggerative phrase expressing one's desire to not want to listen to something.
I'd rather double van gogh myself than listen to that crap.
by improviduto January 16, 2006
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Short for "pickups" in guitar lingo. One pickup is a "pup".
I swapped out the stock pups for a pair of '59s.
by improviduto December 4, 2007
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Short for "hilarious". The term is often used by famous stand-up comedy twins Jason and Randy Sklar when commenting on funny events during their TV show Cheap Seats.
The Sklar brothers are hilario.
by improviduto January 18, 2006
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A competition between fashion models. The contestants compete to see who the better fashion model is by walking down either a real or mock fashion runway. The company in attendance acts as judges and determine the winner.
Scene: Fashion model Sasha confronts fashion model Chloe at an exclusive night club in New York City. Sasha heard rumors that Chloe was talking smack during her walk down the runway at the Versace show the night before.

Sasha: Bitch, you ain't got nothin' on me. I'm the hottest thang on the runway.
Chloe: Oh no you didn't...Oh no you didn't! Bitch, whatcha gonna do?
Sasha: I challenge you to a walk-off. Right here, right now.
Chloe: Bring it!
Sasha: Oh in about two minutes it's gonna be brought, and someone's gonna have to bring your broke ass home.
Random people: Clear a path! It's a walk-off!
by improviduto January 26, 2006
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Uncontrolable laughter in an inappropriate situation. Coined by comedian Kathy Griffin.
Julie: Sorry I couldn't make it to Tim's funeral yesterday. How was it?

Bill: Oh, it was really sad, but the worst part was when I got a case of the church giggles during the burial. I don't know where it came from, but I couldn't stop laughing.

Julie: You're sick, you know that? He was your best friend!

Bill: Oh like you've never gotten the church giggles before. Need I remind you of your nephew's briss?
by improviduto August 7, 2005
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Someone who cannot park their vehicle correctly in a parking lot. Originated by employees at the Competitive Gear bike shop in Erie, Pennsylvania.
If that tard parker dings my Subaru, I'm going to slash his tires.
by improviduto July 30, 2005
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Any holiday that is celebrated with a LAN party. It's often done on holidays when students do not have school. The acronym "LAN" is substituted for part of the holiday's name.

Examples: LANsmas (Christmas), New LAN's Eve (New Year's Eve), LANt (Lent), LANster (Easter), LANsover (Passover), LANzaa (Kwanzaa), LANbor Day (Arbor Day or Labor Day), LANoween (Halloween), All LANts Day (All Saints Day), Good LANday (Good Friday), Holy LANsday (Holy Thursday), Holy LANturday (Holy Saturday), Passion LANday (Passion Sunday), LANukkah (Hanukkah), LAN20 (420), LANxing Day (Boxing Day), LANsidents Day (Presidents Day), Fourth of JuLAN (Fourth of July), LANteran's Day (Veteran's Day), Cinco de LANyo (Cinco de Mayo), Dia de los LANtos (Dia de los Muertos), LANmorial Day (Memorial Day), Ash LANsday (Ash Wednesday), LAN Kippur (Yom Kippur), Rosh HashLANah (Rosh Hashanah), LANSgiving (Thanksgiving), LANentine's Day (Valentine's Day), LANada Day (Canada Day), LANhog Day (Groundhog Day), LANtoria Day (Victoria Day), Pi LANproximation Day (Pi Approximation Day), and more.
I always look forward to the LAN Holiday season. It's the only time of year that I get to gather with my nerd friends in my parents' cold basement for Starcraft and get pissed off to no end because no one can seem to set up the network. We never learn from the year before.
by improviduto May 28, 2007
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