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drone(n): A drone is someone who follows an ideology or some other form of idealization blindlessly and uncritically.

The nouns original meaning is used in context with "social" insects, which are ordered into a hive structure. In an insect hive, drones are the workers - the ones gathering food, building the hive - in short: maintaining the hive, controlled by the queen, if not by some common instinctual fellowship and hierarchal order.
You're all a bunch of music industry drones.

Where is that drone-brother of yours? Still hanging around the arcade?
by Salomon August 16, 2004

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(pron., adj., adv., conj., interj.) Deliberate (intended alterated meaning and/or connotation of the word) or accidental misspelling of the word "what". Other misspellings include, but are not limited to, carp, gamez, shyt, teh, warez and so forth
Waht are you talking about?

Why, how and waht is that so?
by Salomon May 02, 2004

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Abbreviation for "my honest opinion". Used in chat rooms and message boards
Well, that is just MHO

In MHO that is just what you think
by Salomon May 02, 2004

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to describe an unusual move in prowrestling, an extremely hard hit, blow, or mix of combinations given to opponent in terms of boxing, football, etc.
Yo, nigga! You saw how Warren Sapp layed down that nigga at that game? That shit was just hateful!!
by Salomon August 01, 2004

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Abbrevation for Neural Network Processor. Essentially emulates the workings of an organic brain.
Damn it's fast. Is your computer running on a nnp chip, or something?

That Terminator dude had a nnp for a brain.
by Salomon May 01, 2004

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