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Originally, a song by Rage Against the Machine from their self-titled 1992 debut album. Now, most people think it's a shitty song by Green Day from their shitty album 21st Century Breakdown
Lyrics from Rage Against the Machine's Know Your Enemy: 'Word is born: fight the war, fuck the norm!'

Steve: Hey man, have you heard that song "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day?

Frank: Yeah man, it sucks

Steve: I know, it sounds like every other rock song out there. I remember the '90s, when Green Day was cool...
by your testicles September 24, 2010
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A new song by the Northern-California based punk rock band Green Day.
The song is very simple-sounding, but very awesome.
It was also played at the beginning on the NCAA basketball championship in April 2009.
"Do you know the enemy?
Do you know your enemy?
Well gotta know your enemy Wha-hur!"
by Do you know your enemy? April 06, 2009
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A song created and sung by the North- California band "Green Day".

Many people say the song sucks, when it really doesn't. To understand the song you have to actually listen to the lyrics.

It speaks about the second American Revolution against these greed, rich, sons of bitches.
Many lyrics that show this is a political song are

"insurgency will rise"

"gimme, gimme REVOLUTION!"

" well, you gotta know your enemy"
by AHairyGrowth June 12, 2009
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