An individual person, or politician, who continually makes foolish statements, comments or surmises. Usually such statements or comments when made online are hidden behind screennames or aliases.
Speaking on soldiers trading images of war dead for porn, John Timor said "In prison, people trade for cigarettes. This is no different. You are all slaves."

John is a wackaloon.
by TIZReporter October 10, 2005
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Someone whose behavior bypasses moron idiot and dumbfuck. Characterized by saying or doing the same stupid thing over and over even though others have pointed out your ridiculous behavior.
shippinggirl: any white men ages 27-35 good looking west or east side not heavy message me.

shippinggirl is a wackaloon.
by missygee August 24, 2005
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A person on the brink of a mental breakdown, exhibiting signs of insanity, irrational behavior,
foaming of the mouth, and embarrassing facial twitches.
She turned into a wackaloon after we got married.
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003
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A chatter who is a gamer who tries to get people in chat rooms to fight and argue with each other. Then they try to crack jokes and make it seem as if they are innocent.
Blondeislost says she sleeps naked on a trampoline. Blondeislost is a wackaloon.
by TIZReporter October 13, 2005
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