Similar to the bright red color of blood on the first day of your period. Full of life, fear, and energy. A color so red, it bleeds mystery.
Rather than Candy Apple Red, I decided to buy a Corvette in Vulva Red for a more powerful look.
by Salty Siren July 17, 2008
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When a person(s) defers to participate in an action that they deem dangerous. Even when such inaction will deem them to be a lesser human in the eyes of their peers!


A physical anomaly that precludes a member of the male gender to urniate in a standing position thus resulting in moderate to extreme hazing from his alleged "friends"
Josh was beyond reproach when asked to catch the football with the "sun" in his eyes!
"Geez Josh, do you have a Swollen Vulva or something!"

Teasing be Damned! Brady always sits to urinate, becasue he hates when he makes a mess due to his Swollen Vulva
by Matt November 29, 2007
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To ejaculate inside of a woman's vagina.
Thats it baby, paint my vulva!

I'm gonna paint your vulva whore!

Instead of shooting my load in her eye, I opted to paint her vulva...
by Derek D. February 16, 2008
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a poopy cunt vuvla is used to refer to a female who is
a.) a slut
b.) a bitch
c.) a dirty skeezy whore

it is also used as a term of endearment among close friends
Miriam is such a poopy cunt vulva for sleeping with nancy's boyfriend.

Hey poopy cunt vuvla you look hot in that dress.
by DJ AlmondJoy May 1, 2009
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The presence of mind when you know you're a bad bitch and you got it. It's not just a personality trait, it's a lifestyle. It is the feeling you get when you can walk into a room and be the hottest motherfucker in there with the confidence of a good-looking rich white boy. Anyone can have it but it is incomparable to BDE simply because this level of energy is on some higher plane.
Woah Alexa Demie has some MAD Voluptuous Vulva Energy.
by fjabz April 16, 2021
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the most sacred and secret crevice of a woman
Because of intense fear of the monstrous headmaster, the high-school girl’s sacred and secret cleft of vulva got moist with perspiration.
by Scimitar May 7, 2022
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