1. In a video game - Someone who constantly circles around the map in search of a weakened foe, stealing other players kills as much as possible with a terminal shot.
2. Someone who takes the last of something.
1. After waiting for the right moment to vulture, John swooped down, spraying the vicinity of the weakened enemies with lead. A few shots was enough to kill a group of weakened players. He then received the Vulture Spree award.
2. After eying the serving plate, John vultured the last of the shrimp -- before anyone else could get any.
by NodenWIRE April 19, 2009
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That one kid (sometimes fat) who roams around the tables in the cafeteria asking, "You gonna eat that?", other synonyms include: Hound, Pig, Orphan, Scavenger, Garbage Disposal.
Butch is such a Vulture. He kept bothering me about my uneaten fries.

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by Malware. January 14, 2019
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(N.) A person in a battle royale who does nothing during the match, but takes leftovers items. Generally they have a random assortment of items in their inventory.
This vulture just got the win by following us!
by NoxiousNote9292 June 23, 2020
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Semi popular school girls that are always petty and sarcastic and antagonise everyone around them. They are usually ignorant and loud. They also have the worst ear shattering voices and laughs.
Sydney Grayson wouldn't stop gossiping about me and my girlfriend. She is such a Vulture.
by DipinDots September 18, 2016
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A sexual act involving two people. One, who is shorter than the other to the point where they can't go down on the other, but is too tall to "go up" on them, so they crane their neck down like a vulture to perform oral sex.
"My girlfriend was too short to go down on me, but she gave me an amazing Vulture."
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by Bob Bobinson. February 22, 2018
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(n.) A woman who has abnormally large and droopy labia.
"Did you see the girl on pornhub's #1 vid today? She had a vulture!"
by Noodles316 October 19, 2009
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