In a multiplayer shooter game, sneaking (sometimes) and killing a player/bot with damaged health after that victim killed his/her other opponent in a previous gun/melee fight; often considered dirty play, however, not as annoying as camping.
After killing Spartan435 in a rocket launcher fight, Elite47 popped out of nowhere and vultured me with his energy sword!
by Ruukasu December 02, 2009
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To vulture, or to be vulturing, means to go out, but to only stare at the opposite sex as you are consumed by your own acknowledgment that you are ugly and could not possibly pull.
That guy over there is a right vulture!
You see him over there, he's just vulturing!
by Coffindogger August 18, 2014
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people who swarm a newly single person, usually only for sexual intentions.
She just broke up with her boyfriend and now the vultures attack.
by xsilentx35 January 14, 2010
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1. (n) A driver who obstructs traffic in a parking lot waiting for someone to vacate a parking place.
2. (v) The act of obstructing traffic in a parking lot while waiting for a parking place to open.
1. The vulture was waiting for a place in the front row, even though there were plenty of places open in the next row.
2. He was vulturing me so closely that I didn't have room to back out.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
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Vulture, as in a giant cockblocking lady thief that preys on the lady after the wounds has been healed by another only to sucessfully return to being single. The lady can't be any ordinary lady, you have to have deep feelings for her making this and extreme level of what is known as cockblocking by the third party. The return to being single can be for various reason but the most common is bad timing and horrible personality. Now then a vulture might have the same agenda you have but this girl and you are at such a level that comparing your understanding of her with someone else is unpresidented, basically making any other dude a vulture, a mere obstacle.
A girl has broken up with her boyfriend and at this point most girls are real vulnerable to people. You take her under your wing for a significant amount of time, long enough that the both of you talk for hours over the phone during summer nights and cuddle together when watching a movie and all that stuff. All is in your favor then an outside source, the vulture decides that he will try the samething but with a different agenda. The vulture agenda is looking more for pleasure than intelectual arosement in which you are looking for both. The vulture ends up with the meat and gets away. A few weeks later you have lost interest and move on only to find out that the lady is single again. This process is called vulting. Now even though the horrible timing and bad persona are negative traits, most women will not notice because like i said before they are most vulnerable when they are going through the recovery phase.
by Eric386 January 16, 2007
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1) Animal that Just don't Give a Fuck.
2) The sneakiest Motherfucker of them all
3) Damn bitches.
4) I dunno what's up with this motherfucekr, but shit, damn.
"The Vulture is in the nest!"
"The Vulture is stealing my life!"
"Chris Trouts made an appearance!"
by Chris Trouts December 20, 2002
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