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The act of throwing up inadvertently after releasing what one thought would be just an innocuous even though masculine burp.

The oral equivalent of shart.
Last night at the party after drinking a bottle of whiskey I was speaking of philosophy with Chantal just to make her pussy niagara-moisten.
Then, trying to dam a burp, I vorped on her teets.
Obviously she didn't moisten: I just cloaca-bathed her first.
by Tonylittlebull August 15, 2007
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Vorp is a fry word. Vorp is the kind of word you use when you're frying just a little bit too hard, see, and you just need a little break, see, because this high is TOO MUCH, SEE!!! so you say *VORP* ... and send it to the future.

And then one day you're driving home and suddenly, that volkswagon you're in ... melts.
Vorp means, I'm hungry
And vorp means, Hello
One quick vorp is yes
And two quick vorps are no.

It's the laziest language
that was ever set forth
A small *vorp* is south,
and a big VORP is north
by dj3p@hotmail[dot]com April 09, 2003
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