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When one, or preferably many, muggles dressed as Lord Voldemort simultaneously reign terror at an event and sufficiently disturb the peace of said event. Any form of Voldemort is fair game. Voldemorts are often found screaming unforgiveable curses (especially crucio) at women, children, and mudbloods.
Six of my buddies and I were voldemorting the shit out of my cousin's wedding last weekend. Poor bride's maids didn't stand a chance against my cruciatus curse, and I think Tom Riddle may have killed that adorable ring bearer.
by Ol' Voldy July 15, 2011
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Voldemorting is when you're fucking a chick doggy style and right when you're about to cum you pull out and make an evil face on the back of her head with your semen.
"I was having sex with a Hermione cosplayer and gave her a good ol' fashioned Voldemorting. She didn't appreciate it."
by MockingMatilda September 02, 2010
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A game two men play when they both need to pee.

1. Both achieve a pee boner.

2. They "dock" their penises together.

3. The bother begin to piss, like the wand stream in Harry Potter, their urine streams battle back and forth for magical prowess.

***In epic battles, one may envision their dead family and friends.***
'Met a bald guy in the bathroom, we were voldemorting for 3 minutes, I saw my dead aunt Muriel'
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by Ryan Lueck July 06, 2017
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When you cum on your partner's forehead in the shape of a lightning scar and then kill their parents.
"Yeah it was totally awesome, I was gonna Voldemort her but I couldn't go through with it"
Voldemorting: The act of cumming on your partners forehead in the shape of a lightening scar and then killing their parents
by BatteryLow August 13, 2015
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The act of whispering Harry Potter in a girls ear in order to strike fear into their pussy.
Man I was fucking this chick last night while voldemorting, I gave her a lighting scar right on the pussy.
by Voldypuss 2000 June 07, 2016
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When you bite off her nose during sex, then cum in the hole
Dude, I was Voldemorting my girl last night and she TOTALLY almost bled to death!
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by Kenway42 November 14, 2017
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