(v) - having an intense pleasurable reaction to something. When you "erupt" in a pleasurable manner.

(adj) - Looking extremely hot and sexy, irresistible ; unattainable

(n) - hot piece of awesomeness/sexiness
(V) - ex. "I just volcanoed when she said I looked sexy

(ADJ) - ex. "She looked so volcanic in her dress at the party last night, I volcanoed just looking at her"

(N) - ex. "She looked like such a volcano when I saw her last at that party let's hope she still looks as volcanic as I remember"
by ms.volcano March 24, 2011
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when a man or women shits into another persons anus or vagina and then that person pushes with great force to push the shit back out thus, the volcano.
the volcano can be preformed with the ass or vagina facing up into the air, so that the shit goes up rather than down, this method i can also be called the shit fountain.
another method can be to stand up afteer the shit was entered and once in standing possession, force the shit out so its falls, this method can also be known as the shit waterfall.
" oh my god man, i just did a volcano to my girlfriend."
by julian mcqueen March 13, 2010
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When your going down on a girl who is on her period and you suck some of the blood out of her and lean your head back and bubbles it out of your mouth causing the erruption effect!
Don't really have an example its pretty self explainitory but i wouldn't try the volcano if you and her both dont have a strong stomach.
by M Sinister June 21, 2007
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sara: Do you see that girl in the last nights clothing with raccoon eyes?

jess: yea she's such a volcano
by melmelyell September 22, 2011
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When your girl gives you a blow job with an atomic fireball in her mouth and then shoves her fingers covered in icy hot up your ass. Causing an orgasmic volcanic eruption .
by PapaSmurf77 November 15, 2017
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when a woman is fucked so many times her vaginal swells, turns red and the cum just erupts from her vaginal because its just that full.
Wow, that hooker last night had a volcano.
Damn! That bitch got gangbanged, I bet she got a volcano now.
by repo wizard November 20, 2009
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