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A gorgeous girl who has it all together and perfect in every way. She is brilliant and has the strength to follow it. Miss Universe and Nobel Peace Prize Winner with some Lara Croft to boot. Overall - wow!
Did you see that Viveka go by?

Man - that chick is a real Viveka! She's got so many friends.
by greenhoney February 05, 2010
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A character in Joe Dever and John Grant's Legends of Lone Wolf series, who is a mercenary warrior/assassin and an ally of Lone Wolf. She is one of the party who free Lone Wolf from Helgedad when he is kidnapped in Legends 5: The Claws of Helgedad, although she was assumed dead at the end of book 3.

She appears briefly in the original gamebook series, as one of the passengers on a coach from Ragadorn to Gorn Cove.
Viveka appears to die after falling overboard on a ship, but she reappears safe and well at the Kai Monastery ruins.

She is one of the many not-quite-girlfriends Lone Wolf has in the Legends novels, and like most of them, she seems to just appear and disappear at random.
by Andy April 25, 2004
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