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Vidit is a person who is know by everyone.He is mainly the holder or wisdom and knowledge.
Hey! This person is Vidit,how can you not know him?
by Broketoher October 22, 2017
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Vidit is a smart,knowledgeable and a hansom boy.
His name has been also found the prashastis of the gupta rulers.

He is considered amongst the most powerful military commander in the gupta period.
The word vidit mean's holder of knowledge
I was vidit about something bad
by Don of the world September 14, 2018
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Is a sweet, fun-loving and caring man. He thinks differently than most of the people which usually lands him up in trouble.... Very loyal and a learned man, usually inspires people around him to try new things.
Girl1- oh! That guy is so charming. I wish I could have him
Girl2- that must be.... a Vidit
by Xovty February 28, 2019
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