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Verb: to be completely screwed by a videogame. Usually happens when the computer pulls some bullshit on you so they can win, or when your teammate who is a computer A.I. screws you over so that your friend who is on the other team wins. See also steamy lincoln.
Also in games like HALO 2 when you melee an opponent 3 times on the head and they don't die and you lost rockets.
Then the guy on the other team takes the rockets and kills the last three guys on your team for a Killtacular, that should never had happened in the first place, to win the game. F'in Bungie....oh yeah, EA GAMES sucks too.
Steamy Lincoln: Damn man, I was playing rushing attack today and the guy I was playing against ran back and forth behind the line of scrimmage to make my computer guys run into the fake linemen pads so he could get 4 consecutive TD's.
Cleveland Steamer: Yeah man, that sucks you got videogamed hard core.
by MicrothemeKing October 24, 2005
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