Short for Virgin In Denial. A person who talks about being promiscuos, but is not promiscuos at all. So he/she make up stories about sex romps becasue they refuse to accept the fact that he/she (usually he) is indeed a virgin.
Dude, Nick is a total V.I.D.
by AdamRamone March 26, 2005
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The shorter version of the male name David, used as a nickname.
Vid, is such a hottie!!!
by jessecca23 September 06, 2008
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Name of a very smart, intelligent person, quite easygoing, easy to get along with and easy to love. Vid is also a person who enjoys teasing others in a non-hurtful way and always gives you a lot of positive energy.

One of Vid's cons is that he is very stubborn and it's hard to convince him in something, if he believes the other way.
I'm meeting Vid at 10 o'clock.
by YourLittleTurtle January 11, 2015
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Vid is great person.He can be funny and hes small.He's great friend and everyone knows him
by deaddd April 13, 2016
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