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when you take hella vicodin and go hiking and camping in the woods. you numb you senses and become one with nature. you walk forever without soreness. then you set up a tent and pass the fuck out.
Yo, I went vicing with Pebble and Annie the other day and we lost Elroy. He showed up the next morning with a beard, wizard staff, and a tamed wolf!
by zimplr October 26, 2014
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a sexual act whereby a sick-minded man requests a woman (or man) to squeeze his testicles as hard as possible for sexual gratification.
the stripper being interviewed on the radio station today stated that a man requesting "vicing" on one testicle was her most memorable experience because she squeezed as hard as possible and the man did not change expression one bit.
by 1baja2many July 11, 2012
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