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veys is the king of everything.
he’s the best thing on this planet and everyone should respect him.
people also call him "Lord” because he is so powerful.

best boi veys #1 is the best in whatever he does, that’s why you’ll always find a #1 behind his name.
Mera : Oh look it’s veys!
chloee : our best boy and lord.
by veys #1 October 03, 2019
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pronoun thrown around as you would "dude", "man", "dawg" or whatever tickles your fancy.
anja: vey, what time is it?
katrina: i don't know.. no watch.
anja: well, go ask that ambidextrous paraplegic orhpan...

patrick: ten to six...
by sheepdog July 30, 2004
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Vey it’s warm she is a girl with a dream. She also has a big booty.
Lena: Did you see vey help the homeless person

Rob: All I saw was that booty...

Lena: ugh
by Onlythetruth876 July 09, 2020
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