A quite beautiful state in Northeastern America. Home to hicks, chicks, and ice slicks. I lava VT! VT REPRESENT!
dude u see that foliage? thats vermont! It's so ill!
by Lindsay November 4, 2003
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the whitest state ever. except if you go into burlington, then there's some diversity. but its about 98% white.
guy 1: wow, we've been here for 4 days and i dont think i've seen anyone who isnt white.
guy 2: we're in vermont, what the hell did you expect?
by kat22 December 31, 2011
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a unique American state, bordering the Canadian province of Quebec. For a few years during the Revolution Vermont was an independent republic. Vermont has Lake Champlain (known for the Champ monster), the picturesque Green Mountains, snowy winters, cool people, clean air, and of course, its famous maple syrup industry.
On a Sunday I drove from Montreal to St. Alban's Bay, Vermont because I had never been to New England before. At the border is a sign that says "Welcome to the United States, Bienvenue Etat Unis". A nearby sign welcomes you to Vermont. I took a few shots of the Green Mountains panorama and the Champaign lake. I didn't see the Champ, however. When I returned to Canada the lady border patrol officer smiled when I showed her the bottle of Vermont syrup I got for my mom.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice April 11, 2007
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good place to commit murder. we like the gays. hate people who hate vermont. winter lasts 8 months. good music
hey iain, you here that guy who said all vermonters were hillbillies or hippies?
yeah,. lets just kill him and dump him in the woods.
hey, aren't you a police officer?
by elixabeth1 November 23, 2007
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A Vermont'er is typically undeniably rude. Aloof to a fault, their family dates back at least twelve generations in their precious state. Generally speaking, this person will tell you exactly what they think of you while not making eye contact. Of course, all of this will be unsolicited, and will render you to a state of confusion until the next insult arrives (likely to be soon thereafter). While you are having an out of body experience wondering why the hell you moved to Vermont, the Vermont'er will be smiling in your face at inappropriate times and collaborating with their native born cronies. As a native born jerk, he or she will be sporting expensive clothes and shoes and shopping at over-priced food stores even though they make $12 per hour and finance a Prius. Still, they will be able to out compete in the job market because they are likely to be someone's brother, sister, wife, daughter, etc. A Vermont'er is a lot of things, but friendly, sociable, respectful and worldly do not have a share in these 'things.'
My Vermonter coworker still does not look me in the eyes or greet me--hell, he does not even know my name after three years!

I sure wish I was a Vermonter so that my coworkers would stop locking me inside the closet during my lunch break.
by cantwaittoleave November 9, 2013
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It seems that 99% of the definitions written on this page were written by people who never lived here, or where so stoned they forgot where they were. Just to clarify a few things:

- Does not have more cows than people.. It's not even close IDK why anyone thinks this.
- There are almost no Ben and Jerry's left in the State. They are all moving out b/c there isn't a good market here and they got bought out.
- People are generally nice. There are dicks too just like in any state.
- All the "wanna-be gangsters" (there are like 7 total) live on one street in Winooski. So the odds of seeing those people is .00001%
- The weather is actually not that cold. It gets FREEZING for like a month, but most of the time it hovers nicely between 60 and 90. There are two weeks in July that often go above 90. Imagine a temp difference of over 100 degrees, that's what it's like.
-Someone said crime is rampant. You might think that if you're coming from...... I don't know the Maldives. I sleep with my doors open.
- Cheese, maple syrup, beef, beer, and music are as good as advertised.
- It's extremely rural, but the state is so small that it's never a long drive to Burlington, NY, Boston, Montreal etc.
- People say everyone are hicks. Oh, except the fact that we have UVM, Champlain College, and Middlebury, three very good schools.
- People say everyone is a liberal. That's SO not true. In any part other than Chittenden, Washington, or Rutland County, it's like a 50-50 split.
Guy from Vermont: Hey you want to drive up and spend the weekend on my couch? We just got 2' of snow!
Friend from New Jersey: Dude Vermont sucks, there's nothing to do and everyone is a dickhead.
Guy from Vermont: Uh, okay. *hangs up phone*
by Go deep! June 2, 2013
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