mexican, and latinoamarican equivalent for cock, the equivalente for penis is pene, verga is much more rude and offensive, verga can be also used as a surprise exclamation generally in a worried manner, verga can also be used to reffer to someone that is exceptionally good at something, or used as a non exitant place where you send somebody kind of like telling someone to go fuck himself or to fuck off
1.mi verga es grande y peluda
my cock(verga) is big and hairy
2. John- mataron a tu perro
John- they killed your dog
3.pedro es una verga en el footbol
pedro is a verga playing football
4. vete a la verga manuel
go fuck yourself manuel.
or in a more similar but senseless way- go to the verga manuel
by anarkopunks!! January 15, 2007
1- mexican slang for penis, dick.

2- it is also used for cursing like "vete a la verga" would be something like "go fuck yoursef".

3- it also can be used to descrive something very chingon. Most of the times when you want to descrive something real bad-ass using this word you add an s at the end of the word making it sound plural.

1- look at my verga its fucking big!!

2- what the verga?!

3- that song is fucking vergas man!
by KatChamber August 26, 2007
Means dick,penis in a bad mood, and others meanings too in spanish
cara de verga! son of the bitch!
chupame la verga! suck my dick!
by Rominita! June 14, 2008
three defnitions 1: mexican slang for penis, verga is a much offensive word 2: tip of a boat... in some mexican cities it meas the ¨tip of a boat¨ 3: place used in a boat to look for land, usually used in the old times, when christobal colombus ¨land ahead¨...
1: Dude, just go suck some verga and leave me alone
2: Marine, go to the verga and tell me what you see
3: go up the verga and look for land
by mufasaman22 July 29, 2009
Its a spanish word that can be cool, ugly, awasome, boring , etcetera...
Example 1: Esta bien vergas (This is cool)
Example 2: VERGA! (Daaaaaaaaaamn)
Example 3: Vete a la verga! (Go fuck yourself)
Example 4: Esta fiesta esta de la verga ( This party is so boring)
by ThatGuyFromSinaloa October 11, 2015
Instrument that makes gringas and european women want to visit south and central america, and Spain
-Look, that gringa wants some verga. She's flying to Colombia next week.

-That gringa really knows how to suck my verga. She did a goo job last night.

-That gringa over there is such a slut that she can now take two vergas at the same time without ripping her pussy
by Chúpame_la_verga! April 16, 2009
Equivalent to the word ,"Dick." A ,"verga," can either be enjoyed by multiple women at once, by a single woman, or by yourself.
"El otro dia le meti toda la verga a la vecina se la deje caer hasta el tronco con todo y huevos," said Jose.
by amigote October 14, 2010