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A kind of bod mod (body modification) in which one applies venom on skin or any toxin under in such a way that the rash creates an indelebile shape.

Also venomification or venification.
Venomation all started from a belief that the black widow spider's venom moved through the body in the shape of a star.
by Integger November 16, 2004
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Venomation is a process in which you make a drawing on your skin, using venom.

There are three methods of doing it:

.U get bitten (snake, scorpio, WTVR). Dangerous and results are often disapointing or unkewl (but it buzzez real hard)

.U put a stencil on your skin and put venom like paint. might not be permenent.

.U attach your limb to cut blood circulation in a ring and get bitten. it minimizes the pain, the danger and a puffy ring is always nice.
OMG! this guy got into ER with venom all over. and this guy too. and this guy also. woah must have been a real powerfool spider (ain't i funny?). stoopid manitoba kids.
by Articunojinx December 30, 2004
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