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a person who is always down to try something new. Always there for a friend who would do the same for him, & would never want to see someone he cares about hurt. Is really into the music/dance/singing side of things & holds pure talent. Doesn't like two faced people & always there to catch someone out. Is straight up & doesn't care what others think. Sometimes it gets him in trouble, but most of the time people love the fact that he is real. Has a big dick & can please anyone he wants, has sexy lips & is a great kisser.
" I had sex with this guy last night! it was amazing!. he must be a vennie "

" He can sing & dance! He must be a vennie "
by anonymous90210 February 23, 2012
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Vennie is a name for boy's and girl's. But a Vennie is to much to ask for! She/he is a great Harry Potter fan and and absolute stunning role model. She/he is such a bookworm and super intelligent, you can literally ask him/her anything and she'll/he'll answer is correct! If you knew this girl/boy you would totally be amazed as how much this girl/boy knows.. And how adventurous she/he is! Its like he/she is magical with all the wisdom he/she says when he/she explains things. Vennie is just too much!
Gosh.. I wish I had a name like that...
Vennie... Just amazing...
by -RANDOM.Tapatio- May 31, 2017
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