a person who is always down to try something new. Always there for a friend who would do the same for him, & would never want to see someone he cares about hurt. Is really into the music/dance/singing side of things & holds pure talent. Doesn't like two faced people & always there to catch someone out. Is straight up & doesn't care what others think. Sometimes it gets him in trouble, but most of the time people love the fact that he is real. Has a big dick & can please anyone he wants, has sexy lips & is a great kisser.
" I had sex with this guy last night! it was amazing!. he must be a vennie "

" He can sing & dance! He must be a vennie "
by anonymous90210 February 23, 2012
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"The super famous genshin impact meme account on Instagram, @tarpoglia, is a vennie?!"
"I dont know if I can keep following her..."
by crxmzon November 11, 2021
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Person A: do you want to be my venny
Person B: what the fuck is a venny
Person A: *sends a horribly compressed springtrap gif with the caption “the b”* *blocks you*
by drw.xx February 1, 2022
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a game that requires to evenly matched teams. the game is played on a tennis court. it has a combination of tennis and volleyball rules. requires ball hitting, the keeping of scores and the talking of smack.
Person A: Hey, do you want to go play vennis?
Person B: Heck, yes!
by VennisMaster August 4, 2009
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A loving partner or close romantic friend, typically with innocent and nonsexual connotations.

Derived from the name of the character Vanny from the game Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.
loser 1: "will you be my venny 🥺"

loser 2: "yas"

loser 1: "idk where to go from here"
by iRDM January 23, 2022
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Possibly a nickname, usually short for Vanessa, yet mostly becomes preferred name. Usually given to a girl with spirit, beauty and individuality.. You don't mess with Venny.
Person A: "Do you want to invite Venny?"
Person B: "Oh you mean Vanessa?"
Person A: "Umm yeh but I just know her as Venny..."

Person A: "She was giving me a dirty!"
Person B: "Nah that's just Venny."
by Unstoppable together August 31, 2008
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