18 definitions by harray shipmonay

this is what we call all those bloody eastern european imigrants that have recently swarmed the uk to take skilled jobs that our own long term unemployed should have been trained to do.perhaps using lottery funding to help these people rather than spending that cash on stupid sculptures and those damn olympics!
you "scuse me mate,got the time?" him "soddy no speak englishski" you "bloodly ishki bishki boshki"
by harray shipmonay March 8, 2008
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what a chinese person would say when trying to call someone a wanker.
"i'm not bruce lee you ranka"
by harray shipmonay March 28, 2008
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bedsit bob is a typical landlord. renting rooms to unemployed people who then takes all their money for things that don't exist,like central heating and hot water and electricity. he will also have keys to your room enabling him to help himself to your belongings.
1st homeless guy:"shall we rent a room from bedsit bob?" 2nd homeless guy:"i'd rather get a job" 1st homeless guy:"i'd rather die"
by harray shipmonay March 13, 2008
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A pogophile is a person who feels compelled to use a walking stick although they do not really need it. A pogophile will go about his or her daily business,moving from one place to another at breakneck speed with their walking stick hardly ever touching the ground. The majority of the pogophile population also use their walking stick as an excuse to claim extra unemployment benefits that they are not really entitled to. The pogophiles obsession with the walking stick would probably begin with a twisted ankle where they used a crutch for a while and realised that people were giving them their undivided attention. They would then take advantage of this situation by claiming to have other ailments affecting their abilities to walk,hence the need for a walking stick. In a nut-shell,the pogophile is an able bodied person tring to pass themselves off as being disabled.
boy "is that man on a pogo stick?" dad "no son,that's just a walking stick that he doesn't need. He's a pogophile."
by harray shipmonay March 29, 2008
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a.k.a the vauxhall astra motot car. called the ashtray because it WILL get stolen and set on fire by asbo loving scum.
insurance company:"would you like comprehensive cover for your vauxhall ashtray sir?" you:"just fire and theft please" insurance company :"are you sure sir?" you:"i'm sure. its on fire now!"
by harray shipmonay March 13, 2008
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a product of the 1970's,white dog shit was everywhere! it was all over the place because once upon a time high quantities of chalk were addded to tins of dog food therefore when a dog would take a shit after a few days in the sunshine the poo would dry out and eventually turn white. nowadays pet food manufacturers don't use chalk in their food and this is why we don't see any more white dog shit lying around.
bring back white dog shit it's so nostalgic.
by harray shipmonay March 17, 2008
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