18 definitions by harray shipmonay

this is what happens when you drink too much pepsi. overdo it and you are probably will be sick.
i'm addicted to cola,it's making me pepsick!
by harray shipmonay March 21, 2008
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what you should call anyone by the name of NEIL. it just simply sounds better and it'what their mothers would have wanted.
phnivvel get up you lazy boy it's time for school. phnivvel phnivvel PHNIVVEL!
by harray shipmonay March 08, 2008
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A pogophile is a person who feels compelled to use a walking stick although they do not really need it. A pogophile will go about his or her daily business,moving from one place to another at breakneck speed with their walking stick hardly ever touching the ground. The majority of the pogophile population also use their walking stick as an excuse to claim extra unemployment benefits that they are not really entitled to. The pogophiles obsession with the walking stick would probably begin with a twisted ankle where they used a crutch for a while and realised that people were giving them their undivided attention. They would then take advantage of this situation by claiming to have other ailments affecting their abilities to walk,hence the need for a walking stick. In a nut-shell,the pogophile is an able bodied person tring to pass themselves off as being disabled.
boy "is that man on a pogo stick?" dad "no son,that's just a walking stick that he doesn't need. He's a pogophile."
by harray shipmonay March 28, 2008
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what a chinese person would say when trying to call someone a wanker.
"i'm not bruce lee you ranka"
by harray shipmonay March 27, 2008
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a bumber cat is a cat belonging to my mate rasta pete. the bumber cat keeps on eating his stash.--
rasta pete "time for a smoke i think,but where is my gear? That bloody bumber cat!"
by harray shipmonay March 05, 2008
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a guy called hank is usually american,probably drives a pick up truck and more than likely has been abducted by aliens! chances are that your friend hank is interbred,a true american icon.
hank "i was driving along in my pick up truck when there was a big light in the sky,when suddenly the spaceship came down and the aliens took me away!"
by harray shipmonay March 08, 2008
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