Vato is mostly used by mexicans, the word is used in place of "man"..
1.Fucken Vato stole my girl!!
2.Hey girl your Vato is fine!!
3. That Vato crazy!!
by GiNiTa March 27, 2007
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The word Vato is Spanish for "dude", or "man" - made popular by the song appropriately named "Vato" by Snoop Dogg featuring B-Real and Pharrell.
"Vato you wont believe what I saw,
I saw these pack a gangs and they act real hard..."
by Joe W. Thomas August 30, 2006
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Hispanic word. roughly translated as 'friend'. kind of like homie or blud.
ayo, what'z goin' on vato?
by SpooKy Boy June 18, 2005
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one of the most evil creatures in Georgian mythology who got dumped twice by the same girl
vato and akaki talking

by littlevato September 29, 2018
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A mexican word for super-ultra-gay homo. Often used to trick unsuspecting white folks into using it in everyday language with the meaning of "homie", only to find out when the user calls someone their vato, they are really calling themselves gay.
Someone1: This is Saito, my vato.
Someone2: Oh really? You two are butt-buddies?
by xtremebuzz1 June 27, 2011
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Also describes the language, similar to spanglish in origin, but with an emphasis on slang of the particular sub-culture
"What did he say? Sorry, I don't speak Vato holmes."
by dougie doubt circles September 03, 2009
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can mean dude,friend,homeboy
but can also mean gay
ex: ehh vato? ke pasa ta noche?
ayy whats happenin tonite?

ex: vete al diablo vato!
go to hell faggot!
by platanera64 April 03, 2009
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