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a crazy gangster.

usually of hispanic origin. you will spot one when you see a guy with big kakhi pants with a wife beater ;may have a button up shirt over with only the top button buttoned; on and a guadalupe chain around their neck. also wear bandanas ;usually blue, black, or red; and sunglasses. also idolize tupac and godfather.

usually have a girlfriend who draws her eyebrows on.
just look at any of the "homies" figures

"man look at that vato loco in LA"
by muralee June 24, 2005
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Originated in Mexico is the traditional mexican gangster who stays true to his heritage, altough incorporating new content to his lifestyle never forgets about his origins and has major respect for his likings.
"Puro vato loco" crazy gang banger... "PURO VATO LOCO" denotes hispanic origin, then "CRAZY GANG BANGER" states now he is related with chicanos as well.
by SILENT LOCO September 03, 2007
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VATO LOCO it means a crazy dude or a crazy guy

used in some movies with Mexicans or gang bangers

Vato = dude

Loco= crazy

spanish is spoken diferently then english but still means the same
Hey holme tell your bitch that im a vato loco 4 eva

pinche vato loco = damn crazy dude
by Vatoloco4life March 17, 2010
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a Mexican who is calm, but society makes him feel like living with disregard to his life, and it shows. Mexicans who gives up on society, are a vatos locos for EVER.
I'm a vato loco for ever.
by Marioo January 19, 2006
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A horny, sex deprived person who resembles a leprechaun and masturbates on an hourly basis.
Bob: Hey Vato Loco! Had any sex lately?
Vato Loco: Does it count if it was with myself?
by Hurkle February 25, 2005
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a fat bastard who eats everything in site. Also makes fun of people pulling a bucketrod
Vatoloco you fat fuck put the food down!
by srn June 30, 2006
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