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A word originating from a comic strip character in the 1920's named Casper Milquetoast. The word has come to define someone unassertive and timid.
The first time I ever heard this word was in an episode of The Gilmore Girls.
". . . You can't be a milquetoast muppet. You have to have pointy teeth and jaws that snap. The meek shall not inherit the earth!"
by mrs. smith June 15, 2004
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A weak, spineless individual who is basically the world's floor-mat.
Person 1: "Why do the Yankees suck now?"
Person 2: "Most likely because of their Milquetoast General Manager, Brian Cashman."
Person 1: "Wow, that explains a lot."
by Brian Griffen January 04, 2015
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or milktoast

a timid person, a shy coward (from the old comic-strip character Casper Milquetoast)
That punk may act tough but he is just a milquetoast who wants everyone's attention.
by Light Joker October 22, 2005
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I saw this word printed in a newspaper article describing the psyche of a hockey coach. His team had just lost an NHL series. The word was used to define the following: soft, dispassionate, non-aggressive, unbold, unwillful, non-determination and lacking strength of character.
"The coach's milquetoast attitude towards the opposition and sticking to his dogged offensive attitudes had been their unravelling."
by Hendrikus J. Kleiss April 21, 2004
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A muppet forum poster who knows has no respect, etiquette or general knowledge of the topic he is posting about - whilst at the same time claiming "expert" knowledge.
I am very skilled so don't milquetoast me telling me to get a wing or some plane that has basic drag problems.
by samotage February 06, 2008
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