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a genetic disorder of having a male older sibling. They have two objectives on life, one to annoy the living piss out of you, and two to protect/ teach you.
"My older brother is a total prick."

"My older brother helped me work on my spiral, now i can throw twenty yards farther."

"My older brother beat the shit out of my ex boyfriend, when he tried to rape me"
by avelmen1889 January 11, 2010
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The prentensious prick of the family and just makes you look bad by saying he’s stronger and smarter which is only because of puberty and when they were born. Also plays only fortnite on anything gaming systems they own
by BLINGxCR-the-pro-genji May 31, 2018
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An annoying shit head that is about a year older than you that gets treated well as the younger brother gets treated like ass.
by Bob5748 January 20, 2020
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