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When valuables (money, jewellery) get sucked into the vaccuum by mistake.
"Did you see where my wedding ring went?"

"Sorry. There was a vaccident in the lounge room."
by JediStocky March 30, 2006
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When a flu vaccine killed more people then the actual flu did.
In the US, it was a vaccident that the H1N1 flu killed one person; whereas, the vaccine killed 25.
by zortroz May 05, 2009
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Any accident which occurs while vacuuming; whether from vacuuming up valuables to a vacuum related injury or damage.
"What happened to the vase?" Sorry I hit tthe table while cleaning the house and there was a vaccident.
Example 2: the cause of death to the hamster was determined to be a vaccident.
by Goddess Banshee April 28, 2010
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