a town in massachusetts that is lame. The most gangster guy drives a tractor and is named bubba bumpkin biscuit.
uxbridge is filled with so many farms, all we eat is corn and grass
by j-rob mad fresh April 10, 2010
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Town in Ontario, north of Toronto. Sometimes referred to derisively as "Suxbridge". Has acquired a reputation for high rates of both teen pregnancy and pot smoking. The poor man's Port Perry.
There's nothing to do in Uxbridge but drink.
by Pithy Hippie January 10, 2008
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The greassy borough of uxbridge is the grimeyest place to live in ontario. This small hick town and the dirty shwa is what really makes durham region the ass hole of ontario.
People who live in Uxbridge are GGGGRRRREEEEAAASSSSYYYY
by baller1011010101010 March 28, 2008
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A former blue collar machine shop and mill town gone upscale.
Golf courses and Pasture Palaces have replaced the farms and woods. A town where people once led authentic real lives in a local area now has become a Yuppie Theme Park with plethoras of McMansions and commuter castles built by commuters to Boston and Providence. A formerly Democratic labor oriented town now Howie Carr country ranting about evil unions and "socialism".
Wow ! I didn't know they had Plantation houses in Massachusetts ! The South has moved Nawth my dear to Uxbridge Ma.
by Soggy Bottom Boy July 13, 2011
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a school that is old but not horrible. has a diverse group of people, from gangstas, to sporty kids to losers who spend all their time doing stupid stuff like this (me).
by j-rob mad fresh June 16, 2010
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A west London town that resides in the Borough of Hillingdon, Uxbridge has a lot of character and has everything to offer for its residents, two shopping malls, a Cinema, multiple Gyms a decent high street, pubs a Canal that is great for walking. A brilliant part of Uxbridge is its location, just West over the grand union canal is luscious greenery that goes on for miles. Just east and a train journey away is the heart of London, needless to say more about that!
'I am off to Uxbridge for some shopping and to catch a movie!'
by ChunderBay January 25, 2019
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