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The utku is a male sex tool that is defined by it's immense girth and painful penetration. In the past the utku was used in the Vietnam war as a means to extract information from the captured American POW's in Vietnamese sex dungeons. In modern times the utku is used mostly by the general populace of Belgium in the popular sex move "the Belgium chocolate"
Stacy: Damn Daniel, that Belgium chocolate was amazing! what did you do differently?
Daniel: It must've been the utku I put inside us.
Tyrone: Shit boi, was it the utku that was tearing me apart?
by JamalTheBigCheeseDurdan September 03, 2016
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Utku is the derogatory term for a male prostitue operating exclusively out of Amsterdam. These prostitutes usually do not shave any pubic regions in order to grow more beards in the name of allah.
"WOW that kid sure looks like an Utku!"
by RainbowShits March 12, 2016
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it literally means duck in russian. the cyrillic spelling would be утку.
today i learned how to say duck in russian, and it’s utku.
by krasivytoska July 17, 2018
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