5 definitions by FJ

Beating off into a bag. Preferably an Albertson's, Rite Aid or Walgreens.
Sometimes you can't find a towel, and beatbagging is your only anternative
by FJ January 4, 2002
This is somebody whop feels it necessary to take the back door. A bush dodger a gay a fence fole or gos!
"That batty boy is such a cockpipe cosmonaught!"
by FJ April 21, 2005
to smack people(s) with a potato
bob Mc Grubered lenny, because lenny is a douche
by FJ November 18, 2004
Receiving sexual stimulation by placing a garden hose in your ass and turning on the water. Be careful, full blast water can cause internal damage
by FJ August 1, 2003
the sound one makes when surprised while drinking a
large cup of coffee- and as a result, having the
coffee go up one's nose.
by FJ September 16, 2003