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When you think you have a really cool new word and find out that it's already on Urban Dictionary, so you feel like your chances of pithy internet fame are blown.
Oh man, I totally had a good new word to call that poor old man across the street, but UD already has it! I've been urbandicked!
by Ralph Malloy February 27, 2008
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v. when your name or screenname gets added to this website with a definition you might not like.
Oh no he didn't! Small dicked Nathaniel is just ASKING to get urban dicked, i'ma define his ass right now. daaamn homie.

(see "nateddog")
by Curtis G May 13, 2003
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Being unable to get any definitions or phrases posted on URBAN DICTIONARY.
Damn it, I got urban dicked again! Those bastards wont post my definition of what it's like to have sex with a goat, monkey, tomato and midget all at the same time.
by Obamatang4 June 18, 2010
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michelle: hey cat, you are so clever with your punchlines. where did you come up with that?

cat: i totally urban dicked.
by catshewz May 31, 2010
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When your submission to urban dictionary gets rejected for reasons smacking of political correctness.
I submitted an awesome funny real world phrase to Urban Dctionary but got urban dicked by the retard volunteer reviewers
by Fish milkshake October 30, 2017
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Jokingly telling a friend about a word you created and then they immediately post it to Urban Dictionary, subsequently taking all the credit for your genius.
John you stole my word! Sorry Sara, you've just been Urban Dicked!
by Dr.XGirlfriend September 20, 2013
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when you look up a word on urban dictionary and see 3 or more pages of the same word with the same exact definition, but none of the definitions are what you are looking for.
steve: "I went to look up a word on Urban Dictionary and there were like 3 pages of the same word with the exact same definition. What bell end would put the same definition that is already up there!"
bob: "haha! Yeah dude you got Urban Dicked. People are stupid."
by freshhotwild March 31, 2012
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