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Composed by Christopher Young, this meloncholy but strangly beautiful melody portrays the lost innocence and suffering of the children while being locked in their grandmother's attic while their mother feeds them lies.
by minari-naga June 14, 2004
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Oh, it's just kind of a thing I do on this site where I go make fun of some social group to see who's arrogant enough to get angry. ^_^
See sugar dumpling and my definition of gangster

More to come, I'm sure, ^_-
by minari-naga March 18, 2005
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Most people think they understand everyone else. If someone has a gun, they must be a hunter. If someone has a child, they must be a mother. If someone has blood on his hands, he must be a murderer.
People need to focus on things that could be rather then what should be, because if we'd stop clinging to reality, everyone would be happier.
by minari-naga August 13, 2004
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A snack cracker made and distributed by the company "Nabisco", nothing more. Some use it as an insult, but they seem literally challenged. See urbandicks for more information on these people.
Nabisco crackers are a fun snack, especially at parties.
by minari-naga March 25, 2005
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One of my goons at my disperse who I send out to kill those who displease me.
Mink is a ferret that weighs three pounds.
by minari-naga August 13, 2004
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I cannot believe a movie could be so dumb, and worse yet they had enough money left over to shit out a sequel.
by minari-naga September 8, 2004
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