24 definitions by minari-naga

A blue rabbit/fox hybrid produced in my genectics lab. It has purple and turquoise fairy wings, but we have yet to get them to fly.
I wish we could get them to eat something other then marshmellows and cotton candy.
by minari-naga September 7, 2004
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Something very cute and soft that must be cuddled on sight or you will explode.
I have many cuddle-ables
by minari-naga August 12, 2004
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That "thing" on the NES game "Uninvited" that pops up and dances across the screen at random times, scaring the living hell out of you every single time.
by minari-naga August 15, 2004
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Those sick Japanese people that animate disgusting and distasteful things, usually sexual based.

Not meaning to be racist whatsoever, but all the same, there's really no need for it.
I wish Japjacks would just animate something normal.
by minari-naga March 24, 2005
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I cannot believe a movie could be so dumb, and worse yet they had enough money left over to shit out a sequel.
by minari-naga September 7, 2004
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Something stupid I made up so I'd look like a dumb ass posting it here.

In a nutshell, fuzzlables are a delicious snack that you eat by ripping off their heads, pulling out their spine, and eating from inside out. Popular things to do when you're done licking up the skin are to use the hide for little pouches; they're the perfect size.
I love my fuzzlables.
by minari-naga August 12, 2004
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Some complete dumbass who thinks they're cool. Period.

They usually think of themselves as "bad asses", whatever the hell that's supposed to mean, and want more "respect" then they think they're going to give.
They also seem to have many speech impediments, being unable to say simple words and phrases. If I may:

you= "ya"
hey= "yo"
what's up(?)= "wuzzup"
fool-= "foo'"

Various letter mixtures that aren't even words:

Some see it fit to wear winter hats all year long, and very shinny jewelry that is excessively large, usually featuring a word used in the wrong context. For example:

"Easy"- Easy to seduce, I'd imagine...

That's really the only one I can think of, but you get the idea.
Who bothers with "gangsters"?
by minari-naga March 14, 2005
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