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This phrase should be used under no circumstances whatsoever. This is, the absolute worst thing you could physically possibly say to another being. If you were to take, ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, ur granny tranny, AND ur sister a mister, and combine them all, it could not even come close to the catastrophic damage this phrase will cause. Once this phrase has been said, nothing will happen at that moment. The other person will think you're just fucking retarded or something and walk away. Little do they know, their lives will start falling apart. The families fucking die, one by one, in the worst way they possibly could. Anyone who loves or cares for them, will abandon them in the most mentally damaging way, damaging beyond repair. They will get to a point where the absolutely can't handle it any longer. They will get ready to commit suicide. They'll have it prepared, and as soon as they're about to do it, THE EARTH SLOWLY STARTS TO CRACK BELOW THEIR FEET, THE SUN EXPLOADS AS EARTH FLYS THOUSANDS OF MILES OUT OF IT'S ORBIT. BLACK HOLES START APPEARING BY THE MILLIONS IN RANDOM LOCATIONS IN THE UNIVERSE, WW3 STARTS, BOMBS DROP EVERY WHERE! HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE DYING EVERY GOD DAMN SECOND...
It's all gone.. every bit. Every little fucking thing is gone. The universe just fucking stopped...
Person #1: ur granny tranny
Person #2: Fuck you ur bro a hoe
Person #1: *assumes the person has some kind of autism or down syndrome and walks away*
Person #2: He has no idea what's coming his way.. ha
Person #2: *goes home to his family and his mom tells him she has Ebola and blows her brains out right before his fucking eyes, his dad gets shot at work, every other famaily member dies in some horrible way. Then his best friend fucked his girlfriend and rubbed it in his face and so did she as she left him for his best friend, of nine years I might add. All his other friends abandon him and start making fun of him, jumped him a few times and stole all his shit, in massive crowds, leaving him helpless(they on some gang shit). He puts up with it for a month before he decides to kill himself. He has so many cuts on his body that he's made a poor attempt to hide. He ties a noose, goes to the nearest bridge, ties his noose around a pole on the side of the bridge, AND THE EARTH CRACKS BELOW HIM AND THE BRIDGE COLLAPSES, THE EARTH STARTS FLYING OUT OF ORBIT AND IT GETS VERY VERY COLD VERY QUICKLY, PEOPLE ARE GOING BLIND FROM WATCHING THE SUN EXPLODE BECAUSE THEY'RE AUTISTIC AND THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA, A BLACK HOLE EATS THE FUCKING EARTH AS EXISTENCE FADES AWAY AS GOD FALL TO THE NON EXISTENT GROUND AND STARTS VIOLENTLY CRYING AND SCREAMING AS HE PREPARES TO KILL HIMSELF*
by ImTweba May 16, 2018
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When your friend starts a "Ur mom gay" and they think you have nothing left until you use "Ur Bro Hoe"
An definition of using this expression is:
Friend: Ur mom gay
You: Ur dad lesbian

Friend: Ur granny tranny

You: Ur grandpap trap
Friend: Ur sister a mister
You: ...
Friend : Ha! That's the end of you kiss my as-
You: Ur bro a hoe

*Friend explodes, Jupiter and Saturn

collides, New Zealand sinks and the sun expands and fries Earth*
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Literally the worst insult known to man. Ur mom gay, Ur daddy lesbian, Ur granny tranny, and Ur Grandpap a Trap are nothing compared to this
1:Ur mom gay
2:Ur daddy lesbian
1:Ur granny tranny
2:Ur grandpap a trap
1:Ur bro a hoe
2:*smited by gods magnum dong*
by Lemon crab man pork March 30, 2018
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The absolute worst way to totally DESTROY someone in ANY given fight!
Tim: Ur mom gay!
Carl: Ur dad lesbian!
Tim: Ur granny tranny!
Carl: Ur sister is a mister!
Tim: Ur grandpap a trap!
Carl: Ur family tree LGBT!
Tim: Ur Bro a HOE!!

Carl gets disintegrated by ALIENS, THEN GOD FUCKING LEAVES THE SERVER!!!
by ComingAtYou May 16, 2018
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B- ur mom gay
Me - ur dad a lesbian
B - ur granny tranny
Me - ur grandpap a trap
B - ur sister a mister
Me - ur bro a hoe
B- *dies
by B killa69 May 11, 2018
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Even worse than ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, ur granny tranny, ur sister a mister, ur grandpap a trap, ur brother a mother, ur family tree lgbt, ur dog asexual, ur uncle bisexual, and pretty much everything in-between.
Jimmy- Ur mom gay
Brendan- Ur dad lesbian
Jimmy- Ur granny tranny
Brendan- Ur sister a mister
Jimmy- ur brother a mother
Brendan- ur family tree LGBT
Jimmy- ur uncle bisexual
Brendan-ur dog asexual
Brendan-(dies, no longer has a chance to go to heaven or hell, only to be a dark lonely soul that can wander this earth in agony, just wishing he could just disappear, when that will never happen, and Brendan will never be happy again.)
by ThatAussieCunt May 14, 2018
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