no one really knows what the term "big" means in this phrase. you can say it to practically anyone. they'll probably think you mean "fat". but truly, you don't know what it means either. its funny for no reason.
ryder: stop
ryder: alr i gotta go now
farren: ur big
ryder: see u at 2:15
farren: ur so big
by fish in a bucket October 17, 2020
UR is an abbreviation used for Unlock Reality a term which signifies something deep or wise. UR is Unlock Reality

Big Up is a show of respect.

Hense, a UR-Big-Up is a show of respect for something or someone showing depth or wisdom.

These have begun to appear especially on Myspace as comments which start with:

Unlock Reality (UR) followed by a greeting

Unlock Reality (UR) Cool!
Unlock Reality (UR) FUN!
Unlock Reality (UR) Fantastic!
Unlock Reality (UR) the one!

If you receive a message like this with a good term at the end, you may feel highly complimented as you have received a UR-Big-Up, indicating that the sender sees you as part of the solution to world problems and not part of the cause.
I found a UR-Big-Up on my page today, it said
Unlock Reality (UR) my sunshine!

made me feel great!
by Bella Savage October 26, 2006
Big ass is a way of saying dumbass or idiot
It was created by rack00nz in a PS4 party
Whilst he was playing call of duty cold war.
"Isn't Brazil in Africa?"

"Ur such a big ass bro"


"Shut the fuck up you big ass"

"This girl just rejected me"

"Yeah cause ur a big ass"
by Rack00nz October 15, 2022
Only for use when "ur mom gay" doesn't hit them hard enough. These worlds will instantly devastate any hopes and dreams they had, fire them from their job, and make all of their family instantly die.
Jeff "U are U G L Y"
You " Ur mom big gay"
*All Jeff's organs instantly rupture*
by Johava Ascendor February 15, 2018
an absolutley devistating comback destroying anyone/anything in its path
john: hey billy wanna play fortnite
john: dies from every type of cancer at once
by ur mommy gay nut April 20, 2018
Basically destroys anybody. In some situations it has the power of getting on the same power level level as no u
To boost it's power by 2x , you must say "honk honk" after it.
Jimmy: Wanna play Minecraft ?
Timmy: No lol faggot
Jimmy: Ur mom big horny
Timmy: No u
Jimmy: Honk Honk

*Nuclear explosion destroying 99% of human race takes place*
by h0t man boy April 21, 2019
The immortal "ur" joke. No one can be defeated using this phrase. This is a phrase stronger than Thanos' snap. It can wipe out 75 percent of life on the universe.
person 1: Your mom is big gay and u have bit lgbt.
person 2: *default dancing* ur family big not straight.
person 1: *head implodes*
by xX_rayhole_asseater_69_Xx February 15, 2019