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A badass or a hardass, someone who is down for anything.
After a fight gangbangers will yell Im a ryder, or if confronted they or their homeboys will yell Im/he's a ryder!
by Christopher K December 17, 2007
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The best person in the world,he is charming, handsome,amazing,characteristic,awesome man you will meet if somethings wrong he will help he will stand up for you he is a good man,the best man you will ever meet.
that guy is cute is he a ryder
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An awesome dude who if wasn't such a perv would make the perfect boyfriend for almost any girl

Pretty eyes
•Knows how to have a good time
• Kinda cute
• Freckles
by SuperJimmy's Secret Lover December 11, 2009
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Funny ass stoner, from GTA:San Andreas. Smokes PCP a lot, and sold out Grove Street Families along with Big Smoke.
He also looks a lot like Eazy-E. Even though Rockstar claimed they didn't mean to do this, when I showed my sister the Fuck wit Dre video, she swore that "Sleazy-E" looked just like Ryder.
by CJ. j/k, SAlpsu February 19, 2005
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Verb meaning to sustain an injury while intoxicated. Originates with the New Zealand cricketer Jesse Ryder, who infamously severed tendons in his hand trying to break a toilet window in a bar, nearly ending his career.
Dude: "Dude, wtf happened to your face?"

Other dude: "Shit man, I got completely trashed last night and lost my fucking keys, so I rydered myself trying to break into the house with my head."
by Scarletmanuka February 28, 2008
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He is a great boyfriend, who is caring, loveable, sweet, cute, a perv at times, funny, great to hang out with, and plays the trumpet.

He has brown eyes, great smile, spiky hair.
ryder is awesome!!!!
by kay29 May 27, 2013
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Smoking member of Grove street famlies. Hits the wet all the time and freqently calls CJ a busta. Extreamly small. Likes being strapped. Smokes more then any other member of Grove street famlies no matter how much CJ smokes in the bar.
Stop hittin' the wet so much your makin' Ryder look bad!
by Ghiz January 03, 2005
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