A badass or a hardass, someone who is down for anything.
After a fight gangbangers will yell Im a ryder, or if confronted they or their homeboys will yell Im/he's a ryder!
by Christopher K December 18, 2007
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The best person in the world,he is charming, handsome,amazing,characteristic,awesome man you will meet if somethings wrong he will help he will stand up for you he is a good man,the best man you will ever meet.
that guy is cute is he a ryder
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He is a great boyfriend, who is caring, loveable, sweet, cute, a perv at times, funny, great to hang out with, and plays the trumpet.

He has brown eyes, great smile, spiky hair.
ryder is awesome!!!!
by kay29 May 28, 2013
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a fun guy im a ryder myself. gets bored easily. smart but doesnt try to put the effort in cause why would you. pretty smexy as MANNNNYY ladies definitly say (100% legit). thats it just easily bored
Broooooo im fellin like a ryder right now bro
by STOOOPPP June 5, 2019
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Someone/Something that enjoys the satisfaction of molesting lesbian penguins.
Today at the zoo I saw a Ryder.
by esket this bread. January 30, 2019
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Ryder a kid that has a FAT ASSS that is so huge you cant even see the end
Man that kid Ryders Dumpy is Fucking enormous
by not a ryder October 31, 2021
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A person who says their gonna send you memes but sends you porn!
by Linarl December 17, 2018
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