the sound a bicycle horn makes when squeezed by a small magical cat girl named Chen.
Here's comes Chen on her bike! *HONK HONK!*
by Mad_Dog7 June 15, 2012
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When you see a Semi trailer and the kid inside you gets excited for joy. You move your arm up and down doing the movements to pull the horn as they pass by. You both simply make the same sound
Trucker drivers sees human while driving passed
*Person opens window* doing the horn movement
Truck goes "Honk Honk"
Person goes "Honk Honk".
Every ones hearts are filled as they continue their days.
by Liberalssuk February 23, 2022
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a word that is referring to Freedom Convoy 2022 in Canada
That prime minister sucks!
Honk Honk!
by j6wywb February 14, 2022
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The universal cry for freedom. Also used to show disapproval of and dismiss tyrannical ideas.
Person 1: The government should really make it illegal for all citizens to wear shoes inside all buildings. This way there would be less dirt on floors.

Person 2: Honk Honk!!!!

Person 3: Honk Honk!!!!
Person 1: *frowns and walks of crying as his idea for overreaching government has been embarrassingly dismissed*
by Lpe124 February 9, 2022
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Honk Honk means to squeeze your titties while screaming out: "Honk Honk!" Many women and trans people do this to indicate they are ready for mating season.
Giuliano: "I saw my mother honk honking yesterday.. I guess I'm ready for a sibling!"
Weeaboo man: "Damn.. That's hot!"
by Hot dog willy May 2, 2015
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Apparently Honk Honk is a Nazi "dogwhistle" lmao
Clown: Honk Honk
Canadian mp: NAZI!!!
by Nogurr February 24, 2022
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Unexpectantly grabbing a guys crotch (honk! honk!) to see if you could work with his package.


Giving a guy an ego booster by grabbing his crotch (honk! honk!)unexpectantly.
I thought that guy was hot so I gave him a Honk Honk to see what he has going on.


That poor guy looked lonely over there so I gave him a Honk Honk to make his night.
by Sassy 1 March 1, 2008
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