Getting better, actively rising above, coming in to your own, living large and getting larger.
"Feeling damn good, I'm on the up and up!"
by j e t August 27, 2005
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The opposite of keepin it on the downlow or doing stuff that you don't want anyone to know.
I ain't got nothing to's all on the up and up. We together, he cool.
by Dr Dre August 19, 2005
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Said of outspoken, autocratic persons that profess to always be right and boast about how they 'told somebody off'.
I feel jaded after listening to her. She's always on the up and up.
by Indiana Jones February 20, 2004
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To be under the influence of any type of substance that will cause one to be spun out.
Shit...I was on the up and up for a minute after I did that eightball!
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop August 8, 2007
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Fred: She don't know what's up.

Ted: Yup, she ain't on the up and up. I'm good.
by booziebobeep August 8, 2017
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A game used in elementary school where you always looked down on the floor for people's shoes to tell who picked your thumb.
heads up seven up at school
by Mycin November 22, 2014
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An army term meaning promotion to a higher position after a senior employee screwed up an assignment. The rest of his career will be served with no more damage. Can be used by any large bureaucracy, but less so by corporations. Read the Peter Principle where an employee is promoted to his highest level of incompetence.
The minister responsible for the African "Ground Nut Scheme" boondoggle during the 1950s was given a promotion and a title. His new position required no real work, it was a classic case of fuck up move up.
by England phi beta gamma June 23, 2007
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