3 definitions by Mycin

To be in a perfect mental and physical state in which others see you doing exceedingly well.
Guy 1: "Man dude, your on your grind!"
Guy 2: " Don't even trip, I'm just gettin' started."
by Mycin November 21, 2014
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A game used in elementary school where you always looked down on the floor for people's shoes to tell who picked your thumb.
heads up seven up at school
by Mycin November 21, 2014
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Well shit. You must be garbage to be told this. You must have absolutely lost a competitive match, or someone gave you the biggest roasting session on life.
Dude1: *says some stupid shit*
Dude2: “You’re done”
Dude1: “What you mean? It ain’t that bad.”
Dude2: “Get fucking obliterated kid.”
by Mycin April 24, 2018
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