An endearing term, stemming from the word "uncle", that describes an older male friend, mentor, counselor, guardian, or paternal-figure, whom demonstrates unconditional love and concern for the well-being of teenage knuckleheads and delinquent thugs. Originates in the Juvenile Detention System, San Francisco, California.
1) "Unk says NO."
2) You best listen up and keep it real, cause Unk gone tell you to HANDLE YO BIZNASS and get right with yo'self.
3) He always talk smack about your streetname and flirt with yo mama - but we love him cause he's Unk.
by MyTherapistMySelf June 01, 2013
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used when refering to crackheads in the D.C metro area.
lets go smash on some unks man.

lets throw some rocks at them unks sleepin at the bus stop son.
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Usually refers to a crackhead; can also be used when talking to someone(not a crackhead) with crackhead characteristics or tendencies.
Ay son, this unk trying to sell me a PS2 for a dub. U trying to go half?

Man, why you throw away my carryout. Nigga you a unk.
by The real DeAndra September 27, 2005
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when a group of people picks a random fight and/or tries to rob you often while they are recording you with cell phone cameras
These three teenagers were unking this dude in the subway for no reason.
by efghi January 06, 2011
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Used to define someone who is unknown to the present people/crowed, usually used in online competitive games.

please kick the unks from the game host, we want a gg!
lol did you see how i pwnd those two unks!!!
by GIgeorge April 14, 2008
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