Under 13 or an extreme manchild who acts like he's under 13.
by pcc shiteater December 15, 2020
Unde, chu are so bery azn.

Unde, chinese bamboo is bery stwong.
by yeah November 17, 2003
Un-Deadstock(shoe related); Which means, you bring out a deadstock pair of kicks and you wear it. Also known as poppin' tags.
Just UNDS these today. *Shows kicks*
by NOMATTER December 21, 2006
'und' is 'and' in german.
wir werden suche und explodieren die google
by Eins und Eins August 14, 2005
Like UNF but hardcore. Accidentally created by the tumblruser Signehansen. Also the German word for and.
by Asta-the-nerdgurl June 12, 2010
Mr. Vance just bought some green lantern super hero unds!
by Mr Vance July 18, 2011
An acronym for Uncircumcised NiggaDick. It is characterized by a huge fucking black dick that still has an intact foreskin. It is allegedly much more potent than a regular Niggadick, and NATO officially considers it a WMD.
Frank: Those two guys with the spears over there are packing UNDs...
Franks: Holy fucking spicgook!!! Will our bologna masks protect us?
Frank: Possibly, but I think we will be OK if we smash each others' balls with your industrial strength meat tenderizer...By the way, am I a racist for my fear of UNDs?
Franks: Nah, it's cool...you're friends with a black guy.
by F, Frank Giuffrida October 18, 2008