You better unass your half of rent money before I start pawning your shit.
by j- October 21, 2003
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We decided to unass that place when the shells started falling.
by Russ McClelland December 17, 2003
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To let go of something quickly or immediately.
Johnny told his brother, "You better unass me before I open up a can of whip ass on you!"
by Jake For The Take January 1, 2016
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When playing paintball: To give up without a fire fight, being barrel tagged, or shot with a Nerf.
"The crew will be very unlikely to unass their tank...ever!"
by Bluemax February 7, 2008
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To depart or remove yourself from a place or position.
The bull rider unassed the bull after the buzzer sounded. The driver unassed the car just before the collision.
by StudBear July 10, 2012
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to surrender completely without restraint
you better unass some of that chute!
by convict in dat ass March 22, 2004
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To remove your body from any chair, sofa, lounger or seated area
Hey, unass my seat before it gets serious up in here!
by JKEN1 September 24, 2012
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