Man: What's up? Why do you look so sad?
Woman: Because I'm feeling UL with someone
Man: That sucks
by ano-ymous August 16, 2008
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the manner in which the name 'Neil' is spelled in a haphazard and bedraggled fashion, esp. on a chalkboard.
(student reading chalkboard): UL? who the fuck is UL?
by ajd August 30, 2004
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Weird name, even weirder group. Yeah there u have it a group of five girls (A, P,N,G,A) the tightest and closest group out there. They survived high school together, been through thick and thin, multiple birthdays, stayed over at each other’s houses, and yes uncountable fights. But I can assure you there isn’t a more real, weird and loving group out there. Yeah don’t mess with anyone one of em cause of if you do, the other four will literally attack you. Five girls with five very different personalities and yet still get each other.
*ul eating biryani*

*P warns A about the broken chair*
*A breaks the broken chair while being dramatic and telling a story*
*G bursts out laughing*
*N joins in*
*everyones uncontrollably laughing for 20 minutes while choking on their food*
by anonymous.dipsite November 20, 2020
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