The sound one makes when looking at tractor parts on the internet.
Uhm...that looks like a good axle.
by Ring Ding October 14, 2020
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When Someone is hesitant at first to say something to another person.

Hesitating when saying something to someone.

The thing that is being said may be awkward, and causes the speaker to hesitate.
EX. 1- "Are you A, Uhm.... going to the dance tomorrow?"

EX.2- "Hey, what's your A, uhm.... number?"
by {W0LF} November 04, 2010
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A sentence to use when someone says something weird and random. For instance:
Tom: What if Harry Potter and Peter Pan would take a ride in the same boat! XD

Bob: uhm k
by a sliced pizza August 25, 2010
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the abbreviation, "OMG", when said as a word.
pronounced, "uhm-guh!"
rebecca: uhm-guh! i just failed my geography test!
maria: did you just say uhm-guh?
rebecca:uhm-guh! my mom is going to be so mad at me!
emily: ...who are you.
by kirklandbacon October 20, 2010
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Pete: "Do you like tea?"

Dave: "uhm mm"
Pete: "great, let me fetch you some"
by King Laranox March 31, 2019
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