the yeah has a valley girl pronounciation which makes the person asking the question look bad.
Is that my hot pocket you're eating?! Uh... yeah.
by Fred Meyer July 26, 2004
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Every student at the end of their presentation.
"So that's how the slaves were freed and uh yeah"
by ScrublordeTanner March 11, 2017
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A rather large bird with saggy breats
Nathaniel daniel was crushed by the huge mass that is sweaty uh yeah
by usedanalbeadsforsale! February 21, 2019
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The most embarassing insult you could ever give to a car enthusiast. Usually said back to the person to embarass them.
TW - uh yeah, V8 engine
Luke - 'uh, yeah V8 engine' to you too
*TW walks away embarassed*
by TW36Q January 23, 2009
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yeah-uh means yes when you’re trying to annoy your boyfriend. opposite of nuh-uh
definition yeah-uh means yes
me: i love you more
him: nuh uh
me: yeah uh!!!
by yeah-uh October 18, 2023
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A phrase conveniently placed at the start of many popular records as a warning to anyone over a mental age of 6 that the following song will be of extremely poor quality and is to be avoided unless you are the type of person who uses words like "da" and "dat" on your Facebook status updates.
Yeah, uh-huh, check this shit out. This motherfucker ain't no good at writing songs but I can wear a basketball shirt sixty two sizes too big and hold a wireless microphone while doing that that thing with my hands that tells all watching that my willy is so small it can only be measured on a Planck Scale.
by DaiFlump July 7, 2010
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