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Definitions created by depressed people who think anyone online gives a shit about their love lifes.
Imbecile: Omg I love my boyfriend so much I made a ud definition of him and I wrote a long paragraph about how amazing he is
Intelligent person: Literally noone gives a shit about ud names, please get a life.
by Snow Mexican June 28, 2017
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Names found on Urban Dictionary
Most have been taken out of the traditional name books and are so basic and generic, they could be describing anyone!

Only a few actually describe living, breathing human beings that possess those names
My name is Malissa Tiffany Erica Adrianna according to UD names
by Rightoutathebook October 16, 2013
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When people put names/friends' names in the Urban Dictionary just to send it to them and say "OMG This description perfectly describes you!" and then they freak out and show their other friends and maybe post it on Instagram or Snapchat or something and they'll never know that you were the one who posted it!!!
"OMG you know those U.D. Names?"
by youngsavage69 November 25, 2018
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