Trixy comes off as a proper bitch at first but as soon as you get to know her she opens up and becomes a true friend. trixy is a give and receive kind a gal, if you love and care for her she will love and care for you back. she is a beautiful and a talented one, all guys wanna date her and all gals wanna be her, but she doesn't realise it yet. she has an artistic eye and will always stop to take a picture. but be careful because you don't want to get on the wrong side of a trixy...
"that trixy gal looks like a right bitch"
"do you even know her?"
"umm, no..."
by babooooooshka June 6, 2017
is a blonde skank, usually in denial that she is indeed a skank. she likes to drunk , to the point she will jerk off the first person she see's. she will act racist but she secretly love black men ! she will most likely think she is better then everyone else,but in reality she is the person everyone including her own friends will confirm she is on of those drunken whores!
trixy is a trick! skank ho!
by trixyisaho July 21, 2009
another name for a person that's a slut or very easily to get something sexual from
That is a straight trixy!
by AiRHEAD2047890 February 13, 2010
a jerk who tries to double-cross you by tricking you and taking your money
That trixy didn't get too far
by Jake March 31, 2005
Pronounced (TRICK - SEE)

seeBrings happiness and Joy. A very rare name for a very unique but special personality. She is quirky, hilarious and bubbly and is very good friend to have!
“ Are you friends with that Trixie girl, I heard she’s bare funny”

Yh I was with her yesterday, Trixie is the funniest person ever no fucking cap!”
by hot girl summer bitch xx August 6, 2019
Trixie (n): A Bitch but not yours. A Hell raisin', mouth bustin', mud boggin' Chevy driving BAD BITCH. A loud talking, take no shit, country girl. She is LOYAL, LOVING, AND KIND. A Legit legendary badass. An Outlaw Woman. My Ride or Die My Trixie.
Kuuiitt. Trixie is one tough bitch.
by trixie671 February 13, 2018
Bblond haired, blue eyed girl recently graduated from a Big 10 school living in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago.
by tRCMB December 6, 2005