Beautiful girl who loves others and has a huge heart!
That girl is so kind. Her name must be Malissa
by ElusiveFawx November 18, 2012
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Someone who is hot, and a rebel.

Woah, She looks like a Malissa.
by aeronautika August 8, 2006
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Malissa means “little bee.” It is Roman in origin, and is a name gifted to special girls who grow up to be leaders and are natural-born warriors. Malissa can charm you to her will in seconds, size you up, and if she decides you are not worthy of her company, it takes a valiant effort to gain her trust and respect. If she deems you worthy, you will have an ally for life. She is quick to judge, and has many talents. She can also be quick to anger, but usually an understandable reason.
by Berfish September 5, 2021
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Malissa is the kind of girl to be their for you to help you when you need the one that’s been through the most but still smiles she will try her absolute best to be by your side and most likely has a sister she’s the type to give you hugs at night and to make food for you she hold many secrets that many don’t know her she’s is very kinky and doesn’t let you hit it until married but she’s one of a kind so keep her in your life and don’t let her go she will hate you if you do
That girl is so nice she must be a Malissa
by Kayla.MV February 18, 2020
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A person who speaks in terms that were used back in the day

by Tooooddddd July 16, 2017
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Cheating sucubus whore who tries to be your bestfriend after dating and then dies.
by cock comrads May 27, 2012
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Malissa”.... The biggest cunt you will ever meet, very manipulative, has you convinced she is a good girl and innocent at first, then slowly her disguise begins to fade and you see her for the manipulative lying back stabbing tattle telling no good whore she really is. God forbid you have to work with this brown nosing dick sucking tell the boss yes kinda cunt because she will do her best to take credit and/or one up you every time. Never leave your man alone with this whore, she will be naked and humping his leg before you get the car backed out of your space. This 100 pound whore also eats whatever she wants and brags about it. Redeeming quality: will never have a good relationship because she falls for every pathetic line there is and believes him when he says the same lines to her he uses on everyone else. It’s so fun to watch her fall on her cutsie face EVERY TIME!
I saw Malissa eat a whole Pizza then go suck off Greg in the dining room just because he said she was “cute” LMAOO
by Time to break HIPPA April 29, 2019
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