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a form of slang that is used to represent someone who is the worst "noob" ever. as seen in the eyes of those who call him/her as such.
by shindou501 June 06, 2005
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Can also be said as ubernoob. It is a noob who thinks they are the best, and acts like a know it all when they know nothing. Often talks in 1337 (computer geek lingo) and calls people with scores way better than theirs, a noob.

Also a mixture between uber and noob
(scores, dave-150, ubern00b-1

ubern00b- 0h 1 ju57 pwn3d j00, j00 n00b, joo 4r3 73h suxor(translate= I just killed you for the first timeeven though you killed me 150 times, so therefor you suck an are a n00b)

Dave-stfu you ubern00b
by zaq101 February 03, 2005
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Some one that dies more than he lives in video games.

See Delron
That guy is such a uber-n00b everyone yells ranger down soon as he logs in.
by That guy February 26, 2005
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A term given to someone who is an extreme noob, usually used in a video game.
John, "Dude, Artx105 is such an uber-n00b, he has one kill and 100 deaths!"
Jake,"LOL, he is the worst noob ever."
by E!fy May 21, 2004
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Derived from the words über and n00b, which are German and 1337 in respective origination. This phase refers to someone who far surpasses the usuall levels of N00bishness, I.E. a N00b on speed.
überN00b: i r teh roxxorz at halflife 2, you fags. i pwn you all with my rocketwhoring!

contributing member of society: ...I hate you

überN00b: well you're just teh fagxxorz, you tool!
by leroy da hatta August 28, 2005
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an uber n00b is some 1 who suckes at gaming in every single aspect usally a townie (just because they are n00bish at everything in life)
uber noob: gets fragged for 1111 time
expert person: your not a noob your an uber noob
by UberN00b February 15, 2005
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